City of Southampton Society
Registered Charity No 1006256 England and Wales
caring for our city's heritage and its green open spaces
Webmaster John Avery
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Queen Mary entering KG DOCKOur outdoor visit to Minstead Church in 2011 image Will TempleWarrior who after service on the front in WWI became a Southampton Police Horse. Image by kind permission Bitterne Local History SocietySouthampton CenotaphJohn Melody Town Crier at Tudor Revels 2012 image Arthur Jeffery
The Review
We publish 2 copies per year and distribute to all paid up members and place copies in the Special Collections & Local Studies Library at the Central Library.
  • Our readers appreciate a variety of subjects with a preference for topics on Southampton and Hampshire but other subjects such as national changes in planning or heritage protection, incidents or memorable events etc are also considered. We prefer original articles and if articles are duplicated in other publications, it is appropriate to gain the permission of the editor of the journal or newsletter and to indicate this when the article is submitted for publication. Often our members are also associated with other local societies so repetition of an article is not always welcome.
  • We use a house style of Black Arial 14 for headings and Arial 12 for text. It is especially requested that any illustration, map, sketch etc should be sent as a separate file and NOT embedded into the article. The same request applies to footer notes [ie send the notes on a separate file rather than embed at the bottom of the article].
  • Scanning should be done at a minimum of 300 DPI and scans of really dark images reproduce badly on a paper print. Scans of photo copies [especially in black and white] give poor quality results. Please be aware not to infringe copyright and that books/magazines/archives within a collection may have reserved rights in addition to the copyright of the publisher, this may include items in a public library. Scans which include a caption or qualifying footnote are very difficult to reproduce in printed media, please seek advice if necessary.
  • If sending a picture of a group of persons please send a separate covering note naming each in the order they appear in the group. Pictures of football teams, cricket teams and class photos are normally of little interest to a wider readership unless perhaps one of the team later became a well known figure. Digital images can be in saved in various formats (e.g. JPEG or BMP) and the format you use can make a big difference to the size of the image file in terms of bytes. Your e mail provider often limits the byte size of an attachment and if the file is too large, the system rejects it. If you want to email an image, it is best to use a file format that does not take up too much space, such as JPEG.
  • Please attribute the photographer on a separate note and only use minor quotations attributed to a published book or magazine and not lengthy verbatim sections as it may infringe the copyright.
  • If you do use a pen name please identify yourself to the editor.
  •   Advice to computer owners preparing articles or needing advice on scanning etc contact
  • We use a social enterprise company [Trojan Mailing Ltd] to print the Review. The company employs people who would normally find difficulty in gaining long term employment and helps to train them in production and distribution of printed media publications.
  • Please contact the Editor Brian Sefton  contact


Jacky Barnes, editor of the Review, presenting her annual report to the members at the AGM, seated Arthur Jeffery acting chair and the president [2010] the mayor Liz Mizon. Image Will Temple

Arthur Jeffery chair, Liz Mizen Mayor [president] and editor Jacky Barnes at an AGM image Will Temple


Outdoor visit to Minstead Church image courtesy Will Temple Outdoor visit on a Guy Arab open top busTug tender Calshot in preservation