City of Southampton Society
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caring for our city's heritage and its green open spaces
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Queen Mary entering KG DOCKOur outdoor visit to Minstead Church in 2011 image Will TempleWarrior who after service on the front in WWI became a Southampton Police Horse. Image by kind permission Bitterne Local History SocietySouthampton CenotaphJohn Melody Town Crier at Tudor Revels 2012 image Arthur Jeffery

The City of Southampton Society decided to raise funds in appreciation of HM The Queen’s service to the nation and the 56 years of peace. The project began in 1990 and by 2001 £67,000 had been subscribed toward the cost. An application was made to the Heritage Lottery Fund and Southampton Council also contributed to the cost.

After its successful completion and being placed in Andrews Park it became an attractive feature in the busy park.
Skate boarders began to gather and damaged the stone work. About 10 years after the installation repairs were undertaken and CoSS contributed toward the cost of repairs.
The city bye law to prevent skate boarders damaging property dates from 1977 with a penalty of 5 shillings [now 25 pence]. The city council takes minimal action against skate boarders and there is regretfully much evidence in the city of problems of damage to stonework.
The funds collected were in excess of the actual work and the rules of the Charity Commission require that such funds be used on similar projects for the good of the public. The society therefore funded the Titanic Book of Remembrance in 2011.

Queen's Peace Fountain

Outdoor visit to Minstead Church image courtesy Will Temple Outdoor visit on a Guy Arab open top busTug tender Calshot in preservation