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Queen Mary entering KG DOCKOur outdoor visit to Minstead Church in 2011 image Will TempleWarrior who after service on the front in WWI became a Southampton Police Horse. Image by kind permission Bitterne Local History SocietySouthampton CenotaphJohn Melody Town Crier at Tudor Revels 2012 image Arthur Jeffery
Remembrance Sunday 2014 at the Cenotaph Southampton. The centenary of commencement of The Great War
The Southampton Cenotaph pre dates the Cenotaph in Whitehall 2014 Remembrance Sunday ceremony image courtesy ann MacGillivrayRemembrance Sunday 2014 at Southampton image Ann MacGillivrayRemembrance Service at Southampton 9th November 2014 image courtesy Ann MacGillivrayCrows lined the street to witness the Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Hampshire and the Mayor of Southampton lead the band and serving and ex service personnel on a march through Southampton's main thoroughfare image Ann MacGillivrayThe band led the march from the Cenotaph Southampton image Ann MacGillivrayBlessed with some of the finest parks outside of London, Watts Park was chosen as the site for the Cenotaph in Southampton. Crowds gathered for the Remembrance Service on 9th November 2014. Image Ann MacGillivrayAfter the Remembrance Service the participants gathered in Guildhall Square Southampton. Image Ann MacGillivray
Southampton Cenotaph Families and Friends Group
Working with the Curator of exhibitions at Southampton Solent University we are pleased to announce our first small exhibition in the Foyer Gallery Space in the James Matthews Building in Above Bar, Southampton SO14 7NN (formerly the site of the Plummers Department Store which some of you may remember).
The exhibition runs from Monday 24th November through to Wednesday 10th December. The building is open 9am to 9pm weekdays and 10am to 5pm weekends. This exhibition is open to all and there is no admission charge.
This is our first exhibition, it is a small one and features the stories of 7 of those named on the Cenotaph and Memorial Wall:
Bertie Sonley
Charles Herbert Collet
Charles Algernon Fryatt
Edward Sparks
Geoffrey Haddock
Henry Stride
Wilfred Loveday Hales
It also tells a little bit about the work of the Southampton Cenotaph Families and Friends Group.  We intend that it is a precursor to larger exhibitions for the future.
Please share this information with your own family, friends and groups.
If you do visit the exhibition please let us know your thoughts either via email or by posting to our website or to our Facebook page.


War Memorials Trust

War Memorials Trust works for the protection and conservation of war memorials within the UK to ensure they remain part of our communities forever.  War memorials commemorate our shared past, an important part of our national culture. 

War Memorials Trust seeks to cooperate with other organisations, at both national and local level, to better safeguard the future of war memorials in both their social and historical context.  Please note that the Trust is unable to provide advice or funding towards war graves.

War Memorials Trust is an independent registered charity and as such is dependent on voluntary income.


The Trust has a dedicated Conservation Team that can provide free advice on any memorial issue or technical conservation enquiry.  This service is available to anyone with a memorial enquiry.  The Conservation Team can also advise on maintenance works and how to prevent theft.  The Trust’s website has extensive information on conservation and repair and helpsheets on most general and technical memorial issues:


War Memorials Trust administers grant schemes which cover the whole of the UK.  Grants are for conservation and repair of war memorials and all grant schemes are open to anyone to apply; individuals or organisations, including councils.  Information on grants, eligibility and how to apply are available on the Trust’s website:  The first stage of any funding enquiry is to complete a ‘Grants Pre-application Form’, and this can be downloaded from the website.  Please note that the Trust cannot provide funding retrospectively under any circumstances.


The Trust is involved in a number of projects which may be of assistance to those interested in, or custodians of, war memorials:

  • In Memoriam 2014

This is a partnership between the SmartWater Foundation and War Memorials Trust.  In Memoriam 2014 protects memorials at risk of theft or damage by marking them with a forensic liquid called SmartWater.  The crime prevention fluid, which is being made available at no charge, will not only make memorials uniquely identifiable, it also offers robust traceability should a theft occur.  This will act as a significant deterrent to those considering desecrating our war memorials by massively increasing their chances of detection and subsequent arrest.  Further information and registration are available on the website:

  • War Memorials Online

War Memorials Online is run by War Memorials Trust and supported by English Heritage.  Working with the public, it is the ambition of War Memorials Online to create the UK’s most comprehensive understanding of war memorials.  Members of the public can browse current records and upload their own content, photos and condition reports to help create a complete picture of the condition of all war memorials across the country.  For further information please visit the website:

  • War Memorials Officers

In November 2010 War Memorials Trust approached local authorities across the UK to ask if they had a War Memorials Officer.  A War Memorials Officer is the single, or main, point of contact at the council who deals with war memorial issues. They are rarely called 'War Memorials Officer' within the local authority structure as war memorials are just one part of their job, but War Memorials Trust uses the phrase to identify the person who deals with war memorials.  Details of your local War Memorials Officer can be found on the Trust’s website:


Launched in August 2011, War Memorials Trust’s youth focused Learning Programme works to educate today’s young people, the war memorial custodians of tomorrow, about the signifi­cance of war memorials.

By investigating the stories of those commemorated and discovering the fascinating history of local war memorials, we hope young people in schools, and those involved in Cadets, Scouting, the Duke of Edinburgh Award and youth groups, will be inspired to continue to preserve our war memorial heritage.  More information is available on the Learning Programme website:

Contact details

War Memorials Trust

2nd Floor

42a Buckingham Palace Road

London SW1W 0RE

Conservation:, 020 7233 7356

Grants:, 020 7233 7356

Charity:, 020 7834 0200 / 0300 123 0764


Outdoor visit to Minstead Church image courtesy Will Temple Outdoor visit on a Guy Arab open top busTug tender Calshot in preservation